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Chemistry 1

Chemistry 1

Chemistry 1P // Chemistry 1H

Grade recieved:
(2003-2004)         (2004-2005)
Fall: F                 Fall: B+ (Current Grade)
Spring: B+          Spring: No need to re-take

Currently, the only known teacher who teaches Physical Science Honors, Chemistry 1P, Chemistry 1H, and AP Chemistry 2 is the "godly" Mr. Griffith.
Currently, i do not have the labs for Physical Sciece or Chemistry 2. In chemistry 1H, the labs may or may not be a little different, however it fills in the main bridges. One of these days, I will ask Mr.Griffith for his PDF files of the notes so I dont have to scan my notebook. Therefore, this (eventually) will be a great site to visit if your ever sick and fall behind. You do not want to fall behind too much in his class, because if you have taken at least 3 weeks of his class, you will see that missing a few days (in some cases 1) will screw you over for that chapter if you do not get the notes.
Without further adu, here is the stuff I have for his class:


The Alkaline Earth and Solubility Lab

The Household Acid-Base Lab

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