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Help for El Monte

Chemistry 1

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Everyone knows what a bitch highschool work can be. Well, i decided to create this website where I will be posting some of my work that I did over these for years.
I know, this is very lame, but for some people, this can be an time saver. If you are taking (or have taken) any of Mr. Griffith's labs, you know they take a long time to write out or to type. Well, here, I will be posting those labs so all you have to do is read the lab and answer the pre-lab questions.

By going to any other link, or any webpage on this website, you agree to the following terms:
I. Reporting this "Web-Site" to School Officials
Please, under no circumstances, do not mention this website to any school officials. I do not want anymore trouble from them. MANY would argue and scold with me that this is depriving children from thier learning. Well, I say to them, "I did say this is for you to print out and READ it, therefore they should be geting an education out of it anyways". But i don't even want to talk to any counselor, teacher or staff officials.
However, feel free to tell any student about this website, but please, guide them to this address first.
II. Help me out
I am human. I do make mistakes. If you catch any errors or typos on any of my work or website, please contact me ASAP.
III. My Liability
I am not liable for any student geting caught using direct (or indirect) copies of my labs, essays, or any work for that matter. Please, I am urging you to read the works I do and use them as references, rather than your own works. The teachers at El Monte High School are indeed a lot smarter then they seem. They remember any student's writing style, at least until that person graduates.


Lost in our world.

Please get in touch and let me know what you think of this site. Also feel free to contribute to this site with your own tips.